May 10th, 2006

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the bug guy

we had to ask him to spray under the cabinets, but he did. =}

now the cats are running free again.

funny thing happened last night, doc adjusted the cat door on our balcony and did something wrong, so when fat boy henry tried to go through, he got stuck and the door came out of the mooring in the sliding glass door. scared henry half to death, but he got away without a scratch. the door panel is now truely securely moored in the framing now. poor henry.

got another harry and david's treat box today (thank you!!!). i'm about to have a fresh chilean apple for breakfast. life is good. =}
2013, cyd, new

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i am so hungover from my med increase. ugh. i'm all foggy headed. racing foggy thoughts, i feel like i'm in early morning bay area traffic. yikes.

doc is out running errands. today he took a vacation day since the day of my birthday is a friday and it wasn't available. last night we celebrated my birthday and my freedom with greek food. a special expense not to be repeated any time soon, but it was fantastic and he got me an extra gyro for dinner tonight.

i started Operation Metabo-start by drinking a slim fast first thing in the morning again. the couple of weeks i did it, i lost a bit of weight, so i'm back to it now. plus it is healthier for me not to be in famine mode every day. and hey, my stomach may stop sticking out like a starving child's. it is not a good look on anyone and on a chubby person it is just . . . well i look pregnant and that isn't right.