April 27th, 2006

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a new day after a Boo day

yesterday was a sad day, you all made it better with your kind comments, thank you.

today i cleaned out the cage and sanitized it. i couldn't keep passing by it with his stash of pizza crusts in it. so now it is in the same place because i could't deal with the blank space, but it is empty and waiting for the new critter.

we may take the bus on saturday to get a new hamster. if we can get a ride with R, we can go to an alternate place she knows of that i've seen a lot of rat colored hamsters. with the black and the white or orange and white markings. something that looks different than Boo did.

doc is being transferred to the other building his company is in. back in the day i mentioned it had a better ratio of men to women. plus it's a five minute bike ride away for him and his friend he works with who gives him rides (well, not gives, he pays for gas) is going with him, so he won't be alone there. so he's looking forward to that tomorrow, today is his last day at the old building. it all happened very fast.