April 23rd, 2006

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i doubled my lamictal dose to see if that helps me with this sluggish self pityingness that i was relieved of for a while.

something has lightened my mood today. it's been a stress free morning. i think it's better when doc gets up on his own. waking people up stresses me out because i know how i hate to be woken up. and my knowing that somehow matters in a big way. i don't get it either.

on the Boo front, i just don't think he is going to get better. i could be wrong, i've been wrong all along this journey of the belly wound, but the thing won't heal. he's grumpy as shit and almost impossible to clean, but he's eating his normal amount, fattening up and back on a more balanced diet. he's retreated to a corner of his cage he thinks i can't get him out of, but he's wrong. i hung out with him this morning and after a couple of warning barks, was allowed to pet his head without his objection. why the hamster barks is beyond me. so that is Boo. he's being spoiled and cared for as well as we can do it, but i'm not keeping my hopes as high as i was before.

wow, that was a downer. but not really. Boo has had and does have a full life. all of my animals do. the vet said all they could do was clean him up and send him home, so we clean him.

anyway. i have "make something" on my list today. something challenging, but not so much it is intimidating. there's a lot of stuff i could make.
2013, cyd, new

"make something"

i made a sandwhich, does that count?

my bestest friend, kam316, is getting lasik tuesday, send some good thoughts her way, would ya? thanks. nervousness is a bitch.

i keep thinking of these whiny posts in my head, i'm so glad so few of them make it to here.

doc may be coming home early tonight. this is a cool thing. i've been trying to leave him alone on his days off. hell, i've been trying to leave him alone in general. so i end up missing him. this is much better than the constant fighting of a year ago. everything was a battle. and we used to look at each other and say, "this isn't us", but it kept going.

i'm going to go play sims on the computer on the worktable. then i can stare at all the stuff i can make stuff with until i get inspired and bored with decorating houses.