April 22nd, 2006

2013, cyd, new

well let's see

let's all find out if i can make a more positive post here.

i got my wings clipped for the 'out on my own' incident (disorientation in familiar places). i expected that and really had no intention of pushing it. but i do plan to use tuesdays, when doc is off, to go with him on errands and stuff. i don't want to be completely shut up here.

it's a nice place, don't get me wrong. there are two main rooms that are used and both have TVs and computers. we have VCRs that only work to funnel a channel through and that is all we need them for. i have a TV to hook up to my computer so i can watch movies on it. i don't have a DVD drive, but i have a DVD player and that is enough for me.

there is never a lack for delicious incense or the rich smells of food. there are a couple nice cats roaming around, always looking for love. the furniture is comfortable and the windows have curtains.

christmas lights light my room and hand made pillows cover my bed.

it is a great home. it is worth paying 3/4 of my check for each month. i can't complain about home.

but we have those two rooms we use the most, and i've been there. i suppose that wanting the freedom is the first major step to getting the freedom.