April 9th, 2006

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i put my mundane domestic to do list on paper today so i don't go rambling on about it in here.

i awoke with the love of all things domestic and have already finished the living room. since finding an extension cord, i am even looking forward to the ironing i have to do.

i'd like to take some of my spring and send it to all of you who could use it. we seem to have enough to spare. it even looks like easter will be mild and not scorching or freezing or some other damn thing that is largely blamed on global warming and the terraforming of this valley.

i realized today that jack is taller at the shoulders than everyone but leeloo now. chloe is petite, he outgrew her long ago, but hank is a big cat. there was much posturing and battling this morning. now everyone is passed out on the living room floor cursing the memory of the vacuum cleaner. heh heh heh.