April 8th, 2006

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what to do?

doc is off today and there is really nothing that needs to be done around the apartment (a shock to those who are familiar with my apartment of the past couple of years), so i'm trying to think of something to do. i know he would be happy just sitting around the TV and not hearing my voice. hee.

maybe we'll take the bus to the park or go for a walk. that would be nice. it is such a beautiful day. spring is lasting, beyond all pattern or logic, and i've been out in it while he's been trapped in a building.

of course while i've been sitting here i've been thinking of little things i can do around the house today, so he may get his day of TV and silent cyd after all.
2013, cyd, new

no out for me

i walked up to the office and decided i wanted to stay in today. the trashiness found walking through the courtyards of this place is starting to get depressing. children beating on saplings with other saplings and throwing handfuls of rocks at each other, garbage all over. oy.

so my faith in local humanity thrown off, i have retired to my nice, safe home to relax and enjoy the light breezes.