March 29th, 2006

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Boo update

i am happy to report he has no more open wounds on his belly. even the one under his chin is closed up now. a few abraisions, no tummy hair, but he is getting better. i think the stuff the vet told me really helped, i know it helped with my insecurities about the whole thing.

he talks a lot more. used to "barking" at us when we clean him off, he has taken to barking at us other times when he's just trying to get attention. hamsters are smarter than i thought. i've never heard of a vocal hamster, but i'm telling you it is the cutest thing i've ever heard. especially now that i've determined he isn't always doing it out of annoyance or pain.

his cage has become a regular installation on the coffee table, at first so i could get him up and down in his two storey cage, but now because we like having him around. and talk about a conversation piece! not one person who has come in and seen him in his cuteness has not fallen completely in love with him.
2013, cyd, new

i'm so Lost

seeing the previews for Lost tonight, i am struggling not to look at the east cost postings. i just know we're going to be pissed by the time the episode is over. hee.