March 27th, 2006

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i hate the waiting

i just ran into the couch. i guess i lost my balance, there was nothing to trip over. strange. doc was just getting up at the time and i nearly knocked him off the couch. i have a nice small bruise.

i did nothing yesterday, i have a list of things to do today. doc distracts me. much nicer to be sitting with him making fun of TV than to be cleaning. hee.
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Boo has bitten me many times. my fingers are so calloused that he's never gotten through the skin. tonight he got my finger. wow. i am a bleeder. funny thing is, it didn't hurt all that much. i didn't jump or drop him, just put him down and made sure the blood pooled in one place until doc came over to help me get to the bathroom. the bleeding stopped quickly and there is no pain, still, at all.

best of all, Boo is fine and let me hold him and pet him. he gets a salad for all that stress. =}