March 26th, 2006

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on a happier and less filtered note . . .

leeloo is on my dresser singing to herself in the mirror. strange cat. she also spends her time pawing at my closed closet door. the cat is mad, i tell you. and when i open the door for her, she doesn't go in. she just wants the door to be open. i love her madly.

i still don't know what the fate of Boo will be. i keep him clean and fed and warm and comfy. he cleans his wounds regularly now. and his tummy is not so sensitive. he's also remastered going up and down in the toob so he isn't dependent on me to move him anymore. i let him out more to give him a flat surface to walk on. when he walks on his fluff bedding he sucks his tummy in and that has to wear a guy out. i would wear me out quick.

speaking of Boo, i need to go clean his condo out while he isn't in it. =}
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another meaningless post

i went (finally) up to the weight room only to discover that the machine had been all but stripped. i did what i could, but i can no longer rely on that to help me get into shape. at least i went up. that in itself was a big step.

i've also come to realize i need to get some sunscreen. i go outside much more often and i really don't want any color to my skin, i like being translucent in the right light.

my mind is more at ease than it has been in a few days. lj friends come through again with sane words and a way out of a hole. i love them. =}