March 17th, 2006

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there's a big difference between 6 and 8 in the morning. today i got up on the 8 end of things. much happier this way. the early morning is like late night, i can't do anything that makes noise. and everythign i do seems to make noise.

happy st. patrick's day to you all. =}
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i'll cop to it

i hate ironing. there, i said it. i would rather clean up cat vomit (and in fact, did) than iron. but it's done now and there is nothing left to despise.

i also cleaned off my dresser and closed the drawers. big project. much dusting. and i still have a small pile of clothes that need to be hung up.

wait, i thought about it and i hate the kitchen. it has been in a state of nearly clean for weeks. i need to clean it. and for a treat i'll mop the floor with my new mop that isn't broken or dirty.

i think the neurontin is finally kicking in. less anxiety. no strange nagging fear for a few days. and i'm still getting things accomplished so i really can't complain about it at all. not even the huge size of the pills. i like that they are safety orange. i find that soothing now. i'm even remembering to take the midday dose. so that is all working out. i can honestly say that my meds work very well when i am able to take them and i never want to run out again. hee.
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frell this

i'm not waiting to go to a tax place anymore. i've been reading online and i think i've got everything i need, knowledge-wise. there is no reason we can't do our own taxes and quit putting it off on when and if.

see, i told you, waiting for stuff is making me a nutter. i have to have the solutions now.

i'm still hating the kitchen, for some reason i hate the daytime lighting in there (it is at the back of the living room, which has just the sliding door, bad light), so i put off doing anything in there until the sun starts to go down. that won't be too much longer now, since i face east and all.