March 8th, 2006

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does charleston blvd intersect tropicana or run parallel to it? i need a map.

got the skinny on the SS card replacement. there is only one replacement office in town, all the way across town. the way to get in is to wait in line before it opens. check. got a ride for that. next tuesday at 8 am i will be in line. then all i have to do is get home. i'll stress about that once i talk to doc and find a damn map.

doc left his phone on this morning for two hours. and by "on", i mean live. he never disconnected the call he made at 8. i don't know how much daytime minutes cost but it may be time to get a land line because that bill is going to break us and i don't know if we'll be able to pay it all at once.

there is always something else, isn't there? i guess it wouldn't be life if there wasn't. good for bad and bad for good. i found my birth certificate and a ride to the social security office, and maybe this ebay sale will work out beyond my expectations.
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i listed a few more things on ebay.

and the guy came and fixed my shower. so i'm off to take a nice relaxing shower in my own bathroom. why i didn't get it fixed long before this is a mystery.

other than that i am completely bored and totally stressing the social security thing. i wish i could just mail it in, but in clark county, where i am, you can't. you must go in person. i guess i should have more faith in doc's bus route translation abilities. a shower will fix the stress.

i don't know what to do with the boredom.
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another step towards normalcy

trust me, my definition of normal is very loose. but to my level of normal, i'm just a bit closer. i took a shower in my own bathroom alone. i had been using doc's shower and pretending he was in the room. in my bathroom i can't do that.

the roads near us make a lot of noise. especially the big trucks. the semis. rumbling and everything. that is the noise that stresses me out the most and i'm getting used to it. it helps that i have the windows open nearly every day right now and i can hear the trucks more than just feel them go by.

i putzed around the house and did some laundry. so that is something to look forward to (because i am still bored to tears here), plus the dishwasher is nearly done and i have decided to get the spaghetti pot out of the sink today.
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like i said

the good balances out the bad. R came over and took me to get the seat put in her jeep. i love the sight of this valley at night. it renews my love of the place. so boredom buh bye.

maybe that is the secret of life. it isn't about getting to a point where everything is good, but getting zen with the balances of good and bad. having faith that it will all equal out.

hell, as long as i have a home i'm happy. for all my whining. i really am. there is nothing more i need in my life. except maybe a laptop. but no, that is a want and a selfish one at that. all i need i have. food, shelter, love, insurance coverage. and the perks of the cats and special little things that happen to go really right every so often. for all my complaining, i really don't have anything to complain about.