March 2nd, 2006

2013, cyd, new

a relaxed morning

i know it is all in my head. it takes two to six weeks for the new med to take effect. or maybe it is the return of the lexapro, but the desperate need has left me.

and i'm still thinking clearly.

i was watching the news, which i still do constantly, and realized i really have no opinion about all the stuff going on right now, outside of the Katrina aftermath. i feel very strongly that the survivors are being failed on many fronts and the facts of the whole thing make me seethe. but that could be a lot of anderson cooper's doing. he's just so dang passionate.

i'm supposed to go to the social security office today, i think. to get my new card. if not today, then soon. i'm pretty happy about that. half the battle and all that. well, more of a third, but the hardest by far so it gets bonus points when it is done.
2013, cyd, new

what a great day

the sleepy side effect of the neurontin let me sleep for a while today. i missed going to the SS office, but i'm not so worrried about that. my room is almost done and so is the studio, i worked in them for a while today. it's down to the odds and ends, every little thing goes in a different place, so i did a lot of laps around the inside of the apartment.

and here i am at five, calm and at peace. i think i may have found my happy place. hee.