March 1st, 2006

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i have to go to bed later. i am torn between being awake to help doc get off to work and not liking that i get everything done before noon. the carpet has been shampooed, the laundry is done, my bed has been remade with the newly cleaned sheets and i have vacuumed every piece of furniture.

if doc weren't out getting a new belt for the vacuum, i'd be shop vac-ing the house right now.

more procrastination of my room. i don't care. it will get done.

i also need to tie myself to this computer and get more stuff up on ebay. i have so much inventory (now that i've gone through and seen it all) and kam316 has a bunch of new paintings ready for me to post. if i clean off the desk, rid it of signs of doc, i may be able to concentrate enough to do that.
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toys are gone through. at least the three boxes i had. i now have one box. and it is packed and sealed and labeled and sitting on my closet shelf. of course i have some tins to put away and i had to find my stash of mardi gras beads to add the ones i found, but it is starting to work out and my room is starting to get cleaner and less cluttered. finally.

when i finish this cigarette i think i'll clean my bathroom . . . oh, i have to wait for the vacuum belt so i can do my rug . . . i'll do everything but that.

i wish i had some thoughts in my head that weren't related to doing things and getting things done. i quit making lists but i still have a litany of things in my head that need to be done. and on this medication i have to do stuff, i literally can't sit still for very long. i'm hoping with the final cocktail, to be completed when doc gets home, that things will even out. if not, i'm going to have to learn calming techniques because i'm not giving up the positives i have going right now.

maybe when the apartment is finished and clean, my head will have room for creative thoughts again. i can't tell you the last time i did something purely creative or sketched anything. i think that is why i keep shying away from the ebay listings, it will be a big reminder that i have a studio i am not using full of stuff that wants to be used.
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nekkid barbi party

today the barbi massacre players and props were destroyed. most people won't know what i'm talking about. it seems the silly string i used for viscera ate into the inflatable furniture and the skin of the dolls. ick. but it had its time. for a while living in the rattan cage of the coffee table, then on a shelf for more pictures.

i've archived many photos from that piece, since at this point it was an art piece. one day when photo chapbooks are cheaper to make, i'll publish them just for grins. they had a lot of fans when they were here.