February 28th, 2006

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doctor day is over

and i am wiped. we managed to catch every bus on time, that was a plus, and we walked a bit and had a bite to eat.

instead of increasing the xanax for my panic attacks (i love this doctor, he is totally on my wavelength), i'm getting another anti-convulsant that isn't addictive. i've been on xanax long enough that my tolerance to it is doing me no good. i still get to keep it as a back up but the goal is less than 3 mg a day, hopefully weaning that off except for emergencies and insomnia.

and i told the office girls that all the billing had been straightened out and they could call so and so about verification. then the PA i needed for my lexapro script was faxed right in front of me. so that script is going back to medco tomorrow to be filled and i got some samples in the mean time.

in all a good day. i don't know that we will accomplish anything else today, but i feel pretty good about things.