February 18th, 2006

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like cats

we fight like cats sometimes. he doesn't remember conversations we've had about this cleaning thing and is angry that i have thrown out stuff he doesn't recall telling me i could. he wanted to know why i was bugging him on his day off. and i hate to, but there is nothing more i can do without him with his room, the stuff is his, and i only throw my own stuff away.

today's fight? reciepts. he keeps them all. they are in a box. i looked up a tax site and proved to myself what the deductions could be and then he begrudgingly started to do it.

i don't want to fight, but i don't want this crap in my house. and this is not, as he says, some manic episode. it is something i have wanted and talked about for three to six years now. this is not a new thing. i'm just lucid enough now to actually do it.

then later we'll both laugh about something at the same time and the tension will be broken.
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now that the hissing has stopped

we have no more piles of papers that need to be gone through and sorted. they're done. filed. the only ones left around are small stashes that will end up filed in my studio. the rest are being burned as we speak.

this is a momentous day for us. to clear through six years of papers from all sorts of places, to narrow it down and organize the leftovers is magnificent. i even have a shoe box with all of the instruction manuals to everything we own.

his room is almost done. a few things i can do tomorrow. like flip the futon and put sheets on the bed and put away his laundry. then we can move into his room while i do mine, and how the trash bags will flow, which reminds me that i need to add those to my shopping list.

and since i'm getting in the habit of doing things when they occur to me, i'm off.
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i think i am pushing doc to hard too fast. i get such gratification when i accomplish something and this is the something that i am focused on. after this fiesta of cleansing, it will be back to my art and crafts and self promotion. i'm even thinking of putting a live art cam on monkeynamedjack.com focused on my studio table and when i'm not working, i can feature art there. so that was my genius idea for cross promotion.

once doc's room is clean and he has done the things i am asking, they never have to be done again. and i will have one huge nag off my back and in turn will keep my nag off his back. i think that was the final incentive. my promise of better attitudes and blessed silence. well worth it.