February 17th, 2006

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i just found my hospital issued (but not state/county issued) birth certificate, signed by and RN, and i found our wedding certificate.

still missing my social security card and the car title, but hey, the car title will be no problem to replace and with what i just found, we can get my social security card no problem.

that is ten thousand pounds off my mind. now i need to hook up a companion to the social security office locally and i will be one step closer. with the marriage certificate, he can prove he is my spouse and get my "official" birth certificate.

i've run into a block with stuff here in the house. i keep thinking too big. what i need to do is go file the things i just found in the pile of stuff with the treasures of ID.
2013, cyd, new

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some of the stuff, especially clothing i've dragged around for sentimental reasons, was really hard to get rid of. the dumpster has been emptied, so it's out of my hands now. and that is just going to increase as i get closer to my bedroom and the closet of timelessness.

which, by the way, i swear to do tomorrow. doc will be home to help with lifting and dumpster trips. he's got a few things in his own room to do, but maybe i can get my closet, hence my room, cleaned.

R has a dog that might need a home. a border collie, so cute and loyal. small enough to find places that will let us have her. though i doubt we'll end up adopting her. doc says he can never love another dog again. but he wasn't brought up with pets, he doesn't know that the love can be transferred over to the fluffy thing near you now.

but i keep looking at the theraputic benefits of a dog. someone to walk and care for and keep off the cats. i know, i'm a sad case. if we had a house it would be crawling with animals.