February 2nd, 2006

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the living room is done!

pictures back on the walls, everything not supposed to be there is gone. today i'm going to shock everyone and steam clean the carpets. i can't take the stains now that they all show since the floor is clear.

my room will be the last thing i do. since it will be the hardest as doc and i merge our stuff once again in preparation for kam316's arrival.

and of all things, i feel like working on my arts and crafts today. mainly to take pictures of swank necklaces that should already be up for sale. i have a whole new line i've done just hanging in little packages waiting to be photographed. with the swank new lamp, i'll be able to finally do it.

then i can easily double my inventory in my ebay shop. it really is time to start caring about that more again. hiatus over, i'm getting stronger and more confident every day. my biggest dilema lately is whether to work out or go for a walk. so far, the walks are winning every time. once my carpet is clean maybe i'll feel better about getting down on it.
2013, cyd, new

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the big black fan isn't broken
the carpet is clean
the garbage is out
the cats are posessed
the carpet is dry
it is 70 degrees outside

oh, Pittsburgh Leslie, i tried yoga with the head pounding thing, you're right, very interesting!