January 30th, 2006

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thank you for the attention

and doc thanks you too.

another grab last night, this one from the dumpster area of his work, doc got a leather office chair with a broken back. he got it for my studio. so i looked at the breakage, too much damage for me to fix. and last night, as i fall asleep, i think on it, i wanted a stool or something backless for the studio for the sake of room, since i don't lean back when i am working. and then it hit me . . .

take off the back and the arms!!! so now i have a rolling leather stool that rises and lowers and is super comfy and the problem is fixed. this allows me to rid ourselves of the last "bad chair" (long story) and put the former studio chair on the front porch for my cat watching time.
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in all our bluster to get the couch here, we overlooked a really swank iron lamp with metal shade. lucky S stopped by and brought it round to see if i liked it. i love it. we left an iron work lamp back in PA that was doc's and treasured. this won't replace it, but it will fit his style and light things up. =}

S also helped me rid myself of the old couch. i took many trips to the dumpster with computer hulls and dead furniture and stuff. my living room is almost livable, and as soon as i have the energy, i'll move one of the two things in the living room that shouldn't be there. a crate of old records for book covers. the other item is a tv which is coming in here to be an alternate monitor so i can watch all of my stuff i have burned.

a good day. we're going for a record. hee.
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what's this?

i need to have my blood pressure checked . . .

you know when you stand up too fast and you get that pounding in your ears that goes along to your heartbeat? yeah, i have that all the time. it is really distracting.