January 22nd, 2006

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hey there

i haven't been at my computer since my last post. and i'm just here to make this one, i'm not even checking my email. i can do that later.

i had a really bad couple of days, i seem to have evened back out a bit. i'm functional today, having dressed and groomed myself and done a bit of housecleaning.

later today R and i are going to hang out, i've been sleeping a lot and haven't seen her for a while.

two more days until my shrink appointment. all traces of my rash are gone, but for the scars, which have really minimized. he may try me on lamictal, on a much lower dose. or, there is another drug in the same family that may work.

i watched the history channel special on Lincoln last night and the commentators really nailed the experience of depression long term on someone's life. i was amazed. unfortunately i fell asleep before it was over. like i said, i've been sleeping a lot.