January 20th, 2006

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thanks everyone for your support, again and still. =}

this is the part of the month i hate, last few days before the doctor and the four weeks of meds start to run out. so i'm keeping to myself.

i haven't seen R in days and i really should go over there when she gets home from work today for a few minutes to let her know i'm still around.

i've given in to the xanax naps through the day. in between i do a load of laundry or something so i'm not being a complete waste but it feels better to sleep. i have nice dreams lately.

this is the first month of my coverage so i can get my meds 3 months at a time now. with that kind of leeway it will be easier to see the shrink on time at the end of the third month. he's a busy guy and it is apparently hard to keep the scheduling in sync with the medications. i guess most people just call it in when they have to. now that i'm covered again, i can do that.

i'm in talks with my old insurance company to change my name to what matches the name on my social security card so they will pay the $10,000 in old bills they have been fucking up. i also had a stern talk with the doctor's people, again, about my name and how submitting the wrong one to medicare likely has a lot to do with their refusal to pay. really simple: K_______ R______ does not exsist. there is no such person.

my next appointment, i'm taking in a copy of my social security paperwork so they can see what name is on the stupid thing and this billing nightmare will be over. just in time to start again with the new insurance company. whee.