December 18th, 2005

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lamictal is magic

not only the banner week i've had, but NO PMS!!!

i feel great! i told R i'd help her out at her mom's place. she's coming over today, but i don't know if we are going and doing something today or not. she's had her nephew staying with her, she may just want to hang out and talk to an adult who isn't her room mate. whatever it is, i'm prepared. yes!

i don't know if this is going to level out. it is starting to get a little like manic. i'll be getting my xanax this week so i can mellow it out a bit. i don't mind being so active, as long as my mind and body keep up with each other. once my mind starts going too fast, i need something to calm it. and that doesn't happen every day. but like i said, i don't know at what state this will plateau.

a couple of post holiday sales of stuff on ebay, and i'll be able to pay my late fees at the library and now i know the bus route to get there. ha!
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this week, provided my check comes, i'm going to walk up to the fast food place and buy an obscenely large burger and eat it alone. i may also get a shake.

i'm so bored today. i just made a book. also hung out with R for a while. she gave me a few cigarettes and said she'd be by with more if she got home before 8. too cool of her. i need to bake some cookies for her.
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cleaned out the first quarter of my closet. one garbage bag and one box so far. many bottles to be washed and stored in plastic cartons until i can use them. but i threw out the big pieces i was talking about before. now there comes the sorting, washing and storing of clothes that are too small for me and getting rid of/storing for scraps the rest of it. i have a lot of things i would never wear that would make really cool book covers.

i feel accomplished. i also worked out for another half hour.

i told doc i want to get rid of the big glass table. it is a hazard with the stuff i work with (tools come to mind) and i can't reach the shelves well enough to use them. i also can't get to the wall to move the massive hanging basket of floral stems to the corner so i can put up another shelf. i'll have to keep part of the table completely clear for working but i'll make that the outside corner so i have much room. right now the outside corner is computer. that can go in the middle or other end. that way someone can be on the computer and someone can be working on a good sized surface.

i set march as my goal for clothing size. i want to be in a 36 or less, and for my birthday may nineteeth, i want to be back in a solid size 8 or less. not unrealistic. if i keep working out enough to boost my metabolism and keep my steady diet of very little and make that little count, i think i can be hot by the time i'm 37 and that will be very cool.