December 17th, 2005

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i rode the bus! yesterday we took the bus to my shrink appointment.

i talked to my nana last night, she is so cool.

that's all for now

(for those who are new, i've been a severe agoraphobic for almost five years, only leaving the house once a month to go to doctor appointments. i haven't ridden a bus in more than ten years. yesterday was a great victory for me)
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the early darkness still messes with me. i think watching movies during the day throws me, too. so sad. creature of habits.

doc and R are at the store. doc is getting $10 in groceries. my check comes this week so it doesn't have to last all week, though you'd be surprised at how much food he can get for $10. we never go hungry.

i've worked out 6 straight days in a row. and i'm not waning. and plus the walking, oh the walking. i need to do so much more of that. i will be fit and strong by march, i've sworn to myself. now that i'm getting stronger, in another week i can start going to the gym and using weights.

i can't wait to have my cool clothes back. i noticed that all of my concert and band ts are medium to small. i can't wait!!!! i haven't been this determined since i started the cam thing. and it worked then. i remember this motivation.

small aside: anorexia is a side effect of the new wonder drug. doc and i giggled over that. it isn't a common one, though.
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i could go to bed right now

i am exhausted. i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, making yesterday the only day this week i didn't eat.

i think it was the workout, i never recovered from it. at least i'm not sore.

i will kind of enjoy getting up near dawn. i miss the early morning. i want to make some books this week. some really nice ones.