December 14th, 2005

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edible ones too. with a cryptic message of 'happy solstice'. thank you to whomever!!!

i'm having pears and granola for dinner tonight!!

(this is the second harry and david gifty i've gotten in three months or less squee!)
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monster sound

worked out again, progress in muscle ability already noticed. pain from the day before is negligible. i'm going to do it this time.

all i have to do today is the kitchen and laundry.

oh, and unbury my studio so i can work in it.

i'm tempted to do my hair like kim from america's next top model (kind of a wanna be mohawk). in a couple of months when my hair is grown enough to lay down right. then it will all be one color and will start growing out evenlly. ahh hair adventures.
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chloe is a tattle tail

the wee cat comes in and starts full on wailing at me. as i'm trained to do, i stand up and let chloe lead me out to the living room, where jack is chewing on my bamboo plant like a starved panda. bad jack. good chloe. i think the rhinestones on her collar are affecting her behavior. she seems more snooty since we got it.
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today is for food

another package full of a gourmet breakfast, nibbly things and cheeses.

i'm going to make backed apples and pears for christmas dessert with the group that came to me earlier. and breakfast the morning of will be fabulous.

i love it when the holidays are fattening!
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lazy day

i did nothing besides put up the christmas tree. and hang out with R, she even bought me a soda. how cool is that?

oh, and i worked out. a full workout. hour or so.