December 12th, 2005

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singin' cartman's ghetto song

on my walk around the complex today i noticed some shady people had moved out, and their appartment had been tagged (with spray paint). nice.

nice walk, just around in circles on the pathways all through here. got mail. got a beautiful card from fatwizard and hid lovely daughter. and i got a mail around art journal back.

doc had made me coffee and left change for me to get a soda. talking to him last night was a good thing. i feel so much more at peace.
2013, cyd, new

didn't take long

falling into old habits. it didn't take long to make exercising a compulsion again. of course that is a possible side effect of the lamictal, and i've just gotten up to the full dose in the past few days. i've also found myself on the floor whenever i am bored, doing something to some set of muscles. even though i can only go down about two inches when i try to do push-ups, i do them anyway. one day i will notice that i'm going down further. i'm so out of shape, signs of progress will be fast and easy to see.

brushing my teeth, also more intense need to. which is good because i am evil to my teeth. actually i have a whole new appreciation for hygiene in general. and the whole cleaning thing, come to think of it. these are all new things. and i feel driven to do it all. and i can't sit still until i do. i don't even need lists anymore, i just walk through the house and do what is needed.

the biggest win for me is that the living room, full of boxes with a small trail through once, is now a clear and clean and comfy place to hang out again. this is a big win for me, since when we open the door it is visible to god and the world. plus, if more than one person is over, we don't really have seating in my room. it is good for three people. the living room is good for four, five since the floor is clean. doc shampooed it this weekend. my room is next weekend. i finally have all the floor not covered by furniture open and uncluttered.

this feels good, this feeling good. maybe i'll put up the christmas tree.
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some nice person suggested this might be what my rash is, and from what i've read, it may be. it tells me i need to see a doctor and get some cream or pills or reassurance that skin melts on its own and i have nothing to worry about. hee.