December 10th, 2005

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heh, wait, i have medicare. i can go to an emergi-care place. i can wait until wednesday when R is home. or friday when miss B can take me.

monday i'll call my shrink and talk to the nurse about it, lamictal does cause rashes, but almost always around the mouth. she'll know.

and now i have talked myself into feeling better.
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doc should be a doctor

we check out the side effects of the lamictal. sure, rash is mentioned but unlike what i have. after checking around some boards about it and a few more sites and he came to the most logical conclusion.

lamictal increases sweat. i keep my left arm to my side, whereas my right is always on the mouse (underarm available for airflow). i also sleep on my left arm which has likely made it worse.

good man, my doc.