December 7th, 2005

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i've been up an hour and i'm off my schedule. as soon as i finish this cigarette, i'm back on it.

i'm watching live coverage/speculation about a shooting on a plane. this is my favorite part of fox news, or any news, actually. the time when the pictures are available, everyone is talking and no one knows what the hell is really going on. pure improv time. currently two women news people are gabbing about how many shootings they've ever heard of happening on planes. hee.
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i just finished making a journal for kam316. since she won't know about it until she reads this, i'll keep the details a secret.

suffice to say that i found the happiness in creating books again. i feel so giddy.
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christmas shopping is so easy when you're me.
don't exchange gifts.
with family far away and big, we just do cards to them.

some jewelry sold today, yay. i don't know if it is the posting of the links like i have a couple times in the last week, or if it is just happening. who cares! i'm saving up to pay a bill and not doing so bad with it.

i napped today, strange, but whatever. i still did the stuff on my list.

i forgot with the cold weather (yes, it gets cold here, freezing, barely, but cold) the cats get really lovey and hang out in here instead of on the balcony all day. it's strange seeing so much of the furry beasts, but chloe is trying to teach jack to meow more, by example, of course.
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i made roast beef club sandwhiches for dinner. they have yet to be assembled, but i found some bacon that needed to be cooked off and we have some fabu bread and lettuce and tomato. so i shredded the remainders of the beef, doled some out to the cats and the hamster and the rest is for dinner.

i can make doc some frozen hot wings and that should be a full dinner.

i love my newfound domestic side, in case i haven't hooted that all over yet.
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roast beef clubs were a winner with the dinner crowd. tomorrow night i'm roasting some garlic for the (again) rest of the french bread to go with the rest of the pasta sauce (that will get reseasoned and a splash of red wine for a bit of a flavor switch up - i can expect him to eat the tons of food i tend to make only if i can offer something new each time). and i've discovered i'm quite resourceful and it gives me a set time to eat each day, which i know my body will thank me for.

i found out my shrink appointment is friday, not a week from. so only two days on short meds. i'm so happy about that, you just don't know. or maybe you do because i write every little trifling thing down in here.

but who cares? hee.

tonight we're doing the stretch tape together again. it isn't so much quality time as it is mutual motivation. again, i say: hee.
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