December 1st, 2005

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burning boxes

i have rather strangely collected shipping boxes of all sizes. in fact, they are overtaking the house. tonight i am having a fire and burning them all. except the big ones. the big ones get broken down and put away to await a move. once done, the house will not seem so crowded.

i'm working on doc's room. i figured out that i can do a lot of stuff around the clothes he needs to sort.

we're splurging and getting a box of those ziplock storage bags. that way he can see what clothes are in them and won't mind putting them in the storage closet. that way i can also see into the two bags full of scraps i have.

i can actually see a time when the house is uncluttered and i'm beginning to be convinced that it will happen before the year's end.

this makes me unspeakably happy. i hate clutter.
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welcome to the 90s

i've just discovered some little address book features and updated my addresses, and not just email addies. i'm so tired of having to look up or look for the address of someone i mail stuff to.

the mails still hasn't gone out but it has grown from two packages to five. and i'm getting the paypal card out of him tonight since he can't remember to leave it in the morning. i'm tired of this, money and stuff sitting for no damn reason at all.

aloofness to the here and now is a problem in this home. things get put off until . . . until bad things happen. a ticket has escaladed into something ugly. i could just go on. but i won't. everyone has their challenges in their relationships when it gets this close. it comes down to i need to pay attention. and since the upping and levelling out of the medication, i feel i can do that. most of what i organized today was bills, reciepts and other stray pieces of paper, removing things from 2003 from our bulletin board and organizing that crap.

crap crap crap crap crap . . . i am in the war against crap. and each piece i get to burn is a feather in my already gaudy hat!!!

oh, and considering i've had 5 smokes to stretch through the day, i'm awfully perky.
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doot doot doot

i found a dune DVD someone gave us when we first got the DVD player. someone else that year gave us the godfather set as well, but i'm burnt out on godfather. so i have dune now to play, another that i know mostly by heart. i wore it out twice on tape.

i assembled another small collage for the series i thought was a threesome. i'm envisioning my entire hallway with them clustered on the wall. so i guess it really doesn't matter how many i do.