November 28th, 2005

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hey i remember that

oh thank gods. something sold from my ebay store. that gives me enough to ship the presents i have for a couple of people. i really thought the whole season would go by with nothing selling. and said gifts sitting packaged on my coffee table, waiting.

i really need to list more journals up there. i don't have many, and that is what sold. fuck the jewelry for now, i'm a book binder. now.

though i have designed a line of pride stuff for may/june. i still don't know where i'll get the money, more books maybe. but i've found the materials, and that is an important piece of things.

i just watched my soap operas for the first time in monts. i think lost has ruined me for any other show that isn't high budget sci fi. gimme battle star galactica, baby.
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whining from the desert

there was a freeze warning last night, and people, that is just wrong. our heater is on and i can't even say how wrong that is. i've been wearing socks for days. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

okay now i'm grateful for no snow or freezing rain and will stop whining from my desert palace.

think terraforming doesn't work? take a close look at vegas. the summers are more humid with all of the grass and lake and pools and crap. the winters are getting colder. hrmph.
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right, yorkshire pudding

it is simple to make, rough to master. flour, eggs and milk, same as your average pudding, with flour and a bit of salt. it is used as a bread. the cold batter is poured into a hot pan of beef drippings and cooked hot and then medium. the dark areas are those flavored with the beef drippings, the most coveted part in our house. it can be eaten plain or with butter on it, if you are me. it can also be used in a roast beef open faced sandwich situation.

you can get a good result with butter and concentrated beef broth instead of beef drippings.

it should be served warm. though fans will eat it any way they can. i ate most of the high edges last night, risking serious steam burns while it was still hot.