November 27th, 2005

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i dreamt of my idiot parents. ruined a perfectly good warm and cuddly morning. and i'm mad at my brain for bringing them up.

nothing darkens my mood like the shadows of the inept.
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i dusted


i need a duster. old dryer sheets and endust work well, but still stir up enough dust for an old fashioned sneezing fit. so i may as well use a duster.

the laundry is done, too. all that's left is the kitchen, as always.

i should do the cat boxes, too.
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and on sunday we clean

kitchen is sparkling
more laundry was found and is swishing in soapy water
i'm in the middle of ironing

later today i'm going to cook.
another batch of spanikopita
mac and cheese from scratch
yorkshire pudding
and for tonight's dinner:
pasta with meatballs and garlic bread

garlic bread is a great way to use up french bread, which we always seem to have too much of.
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the only thing i haven't done yet is the cat boxes, which can wait an hour while i have a cup of coffee and finish baking the pudding and the mac and cheese, which turned into tuna mac and chees upon closer inspection of the cabinets.

i had quite a bit of beef drippings so i made a really large batch of pudding. i'll slice it up and freeze half of it for later munching. tomorrow i'm going to have a nice roast beast sandwhich on the pudding and be happier than a really happy thing.

wave two of the cooking isn't until later, when i prepare dinner. though i could make the garlic bread now.

i notice i write more in here when i have no human to talk to all day. so at least i am trying to communicate. and it's much better to communicate through here, where i can, if i have to, think things out.

though i haven't been thinking as much. meaning that i spent a lot of time wrapped up in my own delusions, be they mild or severe. and the mild ones are the ones that vex me the most. they are insidious and not visible even at close range. they just come out in my interpersonal dealings. my mind makes up hurt and conflict where there is none. gods bless the lucidity of today's pharmacology.