November 24th, 2005

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happy happy

doc went to the store and got a roast!

so prime rib with spanikopita and yorkshire pudding!

what a day this is turning out to be. watching some tv and then we will go in and cook together, something we very rarely do any more.

i'm so in love.

first thanksgiving with doc in years!!!
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doc has to go get eggs, because it isn't a holiday without one extra store trip. plus he wanted to go for a walk, i don't wonder if he "forgot" them at all this morning and just wanted an excuse to go for a walk later. hee.

so i'm sitting here downloading christmas music. i'm going for a different feel, instead of 70s-90s music, i'm going for old school johnny mathis and some newer rockabilly and zydeco. i figured since i punish all and sundry with my christmas music, i would forgo the partridge family christmas record this year. also the doctor demento stuff. only upbeat or really old. plus i have the CD i made a few years ago.

i'm also rethinking decorating. i have the pink tree and a string of lights, so i may as well put it up in the living room. i have a place for it, it is even out of the reach of jack and will be in the window. though when lit up, no matter what color lights, since the tree is pink and lavender, it looks like a big triangular blood clot. i love it none the less.
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yay for us

oh it was just the way i dreamed it would be. us in the kitchen cooking together. the roast is done and the spanikopita is baking. doc is making brownies. this day has been perfect, all because of him (and R to an extent for taking him to the store) and his above and beyond efforts to make the day great. i can't wait to eat, the house smells so good. and for the evening, once the baking is done, i'm going to put some apple slices and cinnamon in a baking dish and heat it on low to fill the house with lovely smells.

then we'll have company in a little while and wow, just a great day. the best thanksgiving since the last one i spent with kam316 and her family.