November 23rd, 2005

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i put together another collage today.

and that was about it. i think i'm almost done with my purple phase and ready to move on to browns and reds.

we're having spanikopita for thanksgiving. i love that we have no relatives near. i hate to spend holidays forcing myself to like people. even people i love. i will also continue the tradition from my childhood that involves blueberry muffins and bacon during the parade on tv.

and doc is off for the first thanksgiving in a few years, so that is really cool.
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i headed out to take a walk and go up to the store for smokes and soda and freaked a little. i couldn't get out of the gate. so i walked up to the vending machine and got a fanta and decided i didn't need smokes. feh.

i guess i've had enough outings for the week. okay then.

i'm still reeling over how fast the depression and fear left with the new med. i don't count through the hours of the day anymore. time actually feels like it is passing. the house is much cleaner. the cats are getting a lot more attention and seem to be happy about that.
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god i'm dumb

i just fell for a fake ebay email and even put my password in. i realized it immediately and went and changed my real ebay password. and i feel lucky that ebay was the only place i used the password i just gave out.

i could just beat myself in the head. i guess everyone has their stupid moments.
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so R and M are coming over tomorrow evening for spanikopita leftovers, after i explained it was a harmless feta and spinach dish. we may even get some leftovers from a couple of different people.

this is shaping up into a rather nice holiday. it is no dinner at kam316's . . . which is a party in a baking dish, but it will do.

the new archie mcphee catalogue came today! check out the site. i even found the perfect gift for kam316, which, lemme tell you is hard to do. she's easy to buy for, as long as you know stuff needs to be useful to be the bestest.

tonight we're watching bad tv and lost. no, wait, we just missed lost. oh fuck.
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again with the duh

we missed "lost" tonight. if you don't know, lost (i'm done with the " thing, i hate grammar) is a mildly narcotic show which is known for getting a fairly big audience rabidly hooked on it and related websites full of the ever addictive "easter eggs".

i admitt, we are junkies. kam316 turned me on to it and i, when she left, turned doc on. we are now completely in the throes of addiction and this break we've been forced to take leaves us snarky and using both computers to prowl the web boards to find out as much as we can.

sad, sad state of things.