November 20th, 2005

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doc left me a note in a notepad window this morning. so cute. i keep reading it over and over for the "dawg loves you" part. sure, to the world he is "doc" but that is just a socially acceptable mutation of the original "damn dawg" nickname. i was "fucking kat". it probably makes no sense. but it is part of an 8 year history that still makes me smile like a loon at the mention of his name. i know how he makes me laugh.

R has offered to take me to get smokes, so i'm going to go over and play with her critters before i make her drive me somewhere. i've offered to walk the dogs during the days they work. the days R and her room mate work, not the days the dogs work, they don't work. jesus, i hate grammar sometimes. whoever told me to just write and let the editors worry about correcting it deserves a punch in the face. i believed too well.
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i ran an errand!


got a dirty look from our neighbor, who is crapping up the front of the building with their damn cigarette butts.

then we saw a tiny terrier all shaved and looking ready to be paris' new dog (yes i'm still bitter that she ruined the chihuahua for me and everyone else). i love the cuteness but the constant trembling would leave me wanting a creature with a stronger constitution.

then i got a fresh pepsi the size of my leg. it was cheaper than a 2 liter and the color blue and thought of crumbly ice drew me in. i'll catch hell for being impractical later and with thirstless pleasure. R is coming over later to see how much is left.

thus endeth my adventure outside. fall is nice here.
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we had our fisrt fireplace fire last night. it was dreamy. we had a bunch of papers to burn so it didn't last very long, but it was fun as all get out to watch. contained fire is one of my favorite things.