November 18th, 2005

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the week is over

doc went into work for a couple of hours to study. he went to great pains so that i didn't wake up, but i did, i had to pee. and by the time that was done, i was awake. i curled up with leeloo for a while and then was drawn to the computer. and so here i sit.

jack has started removing the litter tray from boo's cage at night. and digging out the paper litter. not too messy, since i clean it every day, so there isn't a big sterility issue, i just don't know what he's after. i think it started with the feeder. they have a gravity food dish that fill as it empties. jack figured this out one night and emptied it onto the floor. now he's after the litter pan. do i need more toys for him? i feel like i should get him some legos or something to keep him busy at night. he just doesn't get the curiosity and cats connection.
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reader participation

what is your favorite kind of candy?

i'm a sucker for the marzipan, i only have it once a year, if that, but i love it.

it used to be chocolate truffles, then i had to make several thousand of them for the catering company i worked for and the mystery was gone for me and i haven't had one since.

had i stayed in chef school to the end, i would have had to build something from marzipan, and likely wouldn't like it as much now.

i know most adults say they don't like candy, but most everyone has one thing that they wouldn't turn down if there was an open bag/box in the area.

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help cat parents

jack needs a toy. one that will keep him flustered, and this is a very smart cat. he is very scent oriented, like a dog. i was thinking one of those round donut things with the ball trapped inside but thought i would ask first for recommendations. thankies.