November 17th, 2005

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two houseplants down

okay. i know i can keep snake plants alive. lucky, i love them. the other two plants have died. i did my best with them, and nothing worked, they just got worse and worse and now dead. i think the record bowls may be too shallow. so i have to find plants with shallow spreading roots.

or i could just keep the two that are going strong and be happy with them. sounds better than continuing to kill things.

doc went grocery shopping last night. i have bagels to eat. well, i have much more to eat, but the bagels are what i'm focused on.
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doc was meant to make it last night for a pot luck at work. due to some really melodramatic and frankly silly events, he decided we should make it for ourselves and he would pick up sandwhiches.

tomorrow the mail finally goes out. i have two art journals way overdue and a book to send to artworkslive and a package for kam316.

then the hunt for the elusive clear duct tape. i'm making a tarot card purse for girlgoyle and i can do it with clear contact paper alone, but i want to make it stronger for her. the prototype i made weeks ago isn't very rugged, but i know how to fix it. i've been reading tutorials and other people's methods.

doc's training is almost over. i'll tell you, medication issues aside, the time has flown. and he seems so much happier. i'm really proud of him for taking this opportunity by the balls. he's gone in an hour early, unpaid, every day to study and make sure he has a grasp on things. so proud of him.

and now we are to the point of digging out of the hole his two weeks off left us in. so it is all good.

now if i could just get his room cleared out. i fear it will take a few hours of him taped to the wall so we can go through his clothes. then he can have my dresser and we can leave his in the room.

i am so alert, i do believe i'm getting better. the haze of fever has worn off. maybe it was the glass of orange juice i slammed down in a fit of wake up thirst.
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stereo wars!!

and for once i'm not involved. stereo 1 is powerful, stereo 2 not so much. then i'm pretty sure there's a loud TV downstairs. hee.

see, i don't care because i had a bagel for dinner, no sara lee bagel, either. a real bagel. yum squared.