November 16th, 2005

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i'm wearing socks

i hate socks. i found a pair of white socks adorned with alligators that my sister sent me, so i put those on. something about staying warm. i refuse to turn the furnace on. it isn't that cold. i'm just not supposed to get more sick. no walk outside today. and when i get better i am to wear shoes when outside the house.

what is the fun of being an adult and doing what you want if it is just going to make you sick? i'm telling you our lives are just a little off. though i don't get nearly as sick as i did in my 20s, or when i was back east. i railed against shoes and weather appropriate clothing even then. so this now is a wee head cold compared to the body wracking bronchitis i used to get at least once every year. coupled with a cough that would last until a month before i got the sick again. now that sucked.

i finally swam through the insurance crap from doc's work and picked the plans. so december 1 we will be covered again. and get this one: we have a month of dental with a $1500 cap, and then in january it starts over again. so if i can get the three root canals in december, i can still get the rest of the work done at the beginning of the year. a nice loophole, to be sure. i even made sure my dentist is a participating provider so we don't even have a deductable. so that is off my mind.

tomorrow, as i'm sure i will be feeling better, i will take money in hand and go to the post office and send off all the stuff i need to send off. that will be a nice walk, especially with my discman thing. i think i'll even burn the rockabilly xmas music i've been collecting so i can be all cheerful.

i'm no longer pushing myself to make and create. it will come when it comes. i have a ton of ebay stuff to list, for me and for kam316. i'll be putting more of her art up at ebay today or early tomorrow, so you will still be able to get rocking original art for the holidays.

who puts alligators on the bottom of the socks? now i don't want to walk around in them, i don't want to ruin the alligators.
2013, cyd, new

slipper sox

i dug out all my slipper sox. i have them from the hospital times, since you can't wear shoes with laces.

i have a grinch pair and a pooh pair and then a couple of plain pair that, though old, haven't been worn since i got them home. so i'm set for winter with this new sock thing.

i also dragged out my one winter sweater. big, black, chenille, i love it. it would fit doc and i at once. one of those long ago buys that had i known, i would have grabbed a couple of them for when the first wears out.