November 12th, 2005

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good morning my rays of dark matter

damn bank holidays

the sick is leaving me, i helped it pack. had to make sure it didn't take my spleen or anything with it.

jack reached a new high in climbing the walls this morning, four feet. we still don't know what makes him run up to and then up walls, but it's a fun way to measure his growth.
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i want to clean off the porch today. i need the milk crates that are out there and i have enough cinder blocks and lumber to make some shelves for the tool boxes and other hardware. then we'll have room for larger litterboxes . . . in a few months when we are liquid again. but the cleaning is the important part. maybe i can get doc in on it with me.
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january third

i just thought we'd celebrate it this year, meaning early 2006. to kind of set off the year on a good note. so we are. we don't know what we are doing, but we are going to celebrate our anniversary. that is just so cool. we usually forget about it.
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the sick

i think i got off lucky this time. a few days of a fever (and now i know what that feels like so i will take measures the next time i get one), a couple of coughing. i feel better. so long as we close the window tonight, since i am a mouthbreather when i sleep and hate waking up with my mouth and throat full of sand (someone called it 'desert throat', i think, i wiped out a bunch of lj comments i hadn't answered in a triaminic induced haze last night).

it is actually chilly here tonight. i took chloe out for her evening graze (cat that thinks she's a cow) and shivered briefly. chloe, to her credit, didn't seem to notice, although she had a coat and i didn't.

we're watching the 'wizard of oz' and i'm pretty sure doc has never seen it before. clips of it, sure, but not the whole thing. he's testing my trivia knowlege of the movie, as well. he can learn to love musicals, i just know he can!
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