November 7th, 2005

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fevers and fugue states don't mix

what a whacked weekend. i got a fever, which i still don't know if it was sickness or a side effect of my seroquel experiment.

i did learn i cannot live without the seroquel until the geodon is upped. half the time in fever delirium, the other half of the time mostly in an absolute state. it is time that my medication is upped. this is happening far too easily and far too often.

doc left me fresh coffee and a dollar to get soda.

i have a rash on my underarm area. most strange and uncomfortable. i figure it is a stress thing that will go away with some good and frequent washing.

i feel like a mess of branches tied together with thread. shake me and i may start losing pieces.

and one other thing, what was up with matrix reloaded? it turned into "hypercube" 3/4 of the way through, i swear. and the score sucked. really super sucked.

jack has discovered the joy of the endless feeder, one can dig out food and more will come. doc is dreamy for cleaning that up. jack's endless curiosity. i actually taught him last night how to trigger one of my talking tiggers. he's smart for a cat, more interested in people things than my cats usually are. the rest run from the tiggers, he reaches up and pushes the button in the stomach and then swats at tigger's extremities when he says something. it is too cute.
2013, cyd, new

christmas/holiday music

i am known for my atrocious xmas music fetish. and once again, it is time to hunt for good xmas music to put on this year's mix because i think if i use the partrige family one more year i will be lynched.

spiderdust turned me on to some rockabilly for the season, and i've pretty much got the old standards.

if you know of any really good xmas music that isn't too sappy, let me know. this year i'm doing an mp3 mix instead of an audio one. more music, heh.