October 20th, 2005

2013, cyd, new


my out of sorts has come back into sorts
and it was the medication that did it, i will not doubt that
i will not go off my meds
and we have recently seen just what part each one does

how i fall into hopelessness so fast . . .

and now the recovery
which shouldn't be too hard this time since i stayed home
thank the goddess the car isn't working
or i'd be in hospital right now and trapped for three days at least

doc was able to pick up samples of the meds
this was all an issue of the doctor being closed randomly
at least he has a nurse there now who was able to
talk doc through the rest of my withdrawl and how
to get me back up to levels with the least amount of trauma
along with a lecture about my withdrawing at all

sometimes timing is your worst enemy
we still conquered it

and i apologize for bringing gwyll's name into this
that was wrong and . . . just wrong of me