October 10th, 2005

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mac help redux

here's the issue: kam316 has an original imac with OS8 and needs an upgrade to OS9 because she understands that her imac and OSx are not compatible.

i have someone looking for it, but the sooner i can secure it for her, the better. i'll make a mix CD and send a journal or suncatcher (your choice, the suncatchers are bigger with the menfolk) to anyone who can get me a CD of this OS9 upgrade for her.

thank you for your attention and participation.

EDIT from kam316:

the disk i need is the apple original full install of OS9, it's a white
disk with a big orange 9 on it...it does a full install on any
mac...plus updates to OS9.2.2...

thanks all,
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hey mikus/fatwizard?

do nipple piercings stay like ear piercings? if i took the bar out of the infected nipple for a couple of days and let it heal up, would the hole close? or would it stay open so i could put the bar back in?

thanks toots!
2013, cyd, new

aw shit

On Sat. November 26th 2005 GALLERY AU GO-GO MUST BE DESTROYED!

Gallery Au Go-Go opened on May 18 2002 during a time when the Vegas art scene, as we know it today, was in it‘s infancy. The gallery quickly made a big noise with themed group shows and sometimes controversial subject matter. I quickly learned running an art gallery is a labor of love and based on that it was a complete success, but from a business standpoint, not so much. I opened this venture blind and have always been humbled by the response and loyalty from all the artists and public who walked through my doors. I thank you all, as well as the always supportive local press, your write-ups truly helped build this place.

It is now time to do other things. I’m writing a book called Boredom Was the Reason and starting a production company that will produce it and many other exciting offerings. I can never fully express my gratitude for all the support and accolades these past 4 years. It is with a heavy heart and some regret I make this decision, but Gallery Au Go-Go has run its course. Now let’s burn this mutha down (figuratively of course).....Dirk Vermin

October the Halloween show is canceled. Sorry, go scare elsewhere.

Sat. Nov. 12th “In the Kingdom of the Blind” The Artwork of Keri Schroeder will run as scheduled. More info to come.

Sat. Nov 26th GALLERY AU GO-GO MUST BE DESTROYED! The Final Art Show! 8pm til midnight. This is one night only and the end of an era. All local artists are invited to participate and anything goes. You hang it and take it with you as you leave. Final show posters will be available as well as libations. After party at the Double Down, of course, with The Vermin and others as part of the Double D’s 13th anniversary weekend.

All other tentative shows will take place at various First Friday galleries Downtown throughout next year, including a one woman show featuring esteemed photographer; Justice Howard and the return of Tattoos & Trash 4… stay tuned.
The gallery is located at 4972 So. Maryland Pkwy for more info call Dirk at 702-419-5681