September 13th, 2005

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115 is on its way to findyourwayback. it went international. so no tracking #, though i have the reciept and my hubs filled out the customs form, so i'm sure it will get there soon. =}
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a yahoo group for exchanging things for free. i'm sure some of you are familiar with it, i've just recently discovered that there is one for henderson, which makes me ultra happy because most of the stuff on the vegas freecycle list was up north and i don't have reliable transportation.

so if you are in henderson, check out the freecycle yahoo group and consider joining the henderson list.

have a great day everyone. =}
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vintage sleeping beauty set

blank journal with disney's sleeping beauty record cover as the cover!
comes with the matching record bowl, but no ordinary record bowl, the sides of this are tight and they are great as fruit bowls, candy dishes, or if you can stand to cover the label, planters.

$20 includes shipping for 24 hours, then it goes on ebay. is the paypal recipient address =}