August 30th, 2005

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oh the crawfish

i'm watching the rescues in new orleans. doc and i agreed on an amount that we can spare for red cross efforts down there. and now i feel as helpless as everyone else who is watching this.

please give to the red cross and the recovery efforts, they need money, not goods.

you can also, if you ebay, choose a charity for a percentage of your sale to go to. now is a good time to do that. i'm going to do it when i'm done with today's project.
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one of the pieces in the manuscript i'm editing, thought i'd share with you guys

Church in New Orleans
The feeling was warmth, but not.
The voice was there, at last.
Yesterday the void was not filled,
It was executed in cold blood.
That same cold blood that filled me,
Coursed through me,
And fed me for so long.
The tears poured down, so hot.
The fears fled from me, so fast.
Yesterday I saved my soul in the Vieux Carre'
And left the scene in awe
That was inspired by the arms around me
Holding me close
Protecting me from now on.
The feeling stays, so true.
The life goes on, worthy.
Today I claim my heart as my own prize
And keep it close to me . . .
Close, but open to the love waiting
In the north
With my life.
Don't think it doesn't happen, sister.
Don't doubt for a second that
When you stop whispering the screams and
Let them out loud
You'll find yourself in the Vieux Carre'.
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hey now - poetry

the poetry collection is done and ready, should you be interested, the link is

color me accomplished, and no, i don't care if this sells online, i will eventually buy myself a couple of copies to sell when i go out reading and i will get one for me. you can also download it for a fraction of the price.

i really took care to make sure only the best are in this book and spent hours checking it, so the mistakes, if any, are rare, this is a quality piece.
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i'm pretty sure that between 14 and 17 the phrase i heard most often from any number of people, was "phone restriction".
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disaster relief

i just donated two journals and a necklace to

so the cloth journal and the u2 journal will be available through them and all money will go to disaster relief for the south.

so please, if you wanted these, please buy them once they are posted, the information you need is at the above link. i will include a groovy free bonus to whomever purchases these things from these guys.

thanks everyone