August 25th, 2005

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day the third
the swelling is worse than yesterday
my eye is half shut
and the pain in the teeth is gone
something is wrong
my face is not supposed to look like this
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the deal

the dentist wants me in the office Yesterday to find out what is wrong. i have until 6:15 to get in there today, the staff is staying because it is an emergency.

see how calmly i wrote that? you can't even tell how badly i'm shaking.

i'm trying to get through to doc via email so he knows to hustle home so he can get me there.

i'll be off crying on my bed now.
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in good news

as i anxiously await doc's arrival home (he hasn't answered my emails, hell, i don't even know if he went to work today), i discover while getting ready that a pair of pants that don't fit him now fit me. so i have a new pair of cargo pants. and i've lost two sizes now.
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the fun never stops

i have to go in to see an SSI doctor to diagnose me. like 45 minutes with a stranger is going to tell them about me.

this will put a dent in the moving plans. we were planning to be on our way to phoenix the day of the appointment and there may be follow ups. i can move it all to arizona, but it will take much longer and i may be without benefits for that time. not cool.

doc is going to be so unhappy and overwhelmed when he gets home. and i still don't know if he will get home in time to get me to the dentist. though i am supposed to be there monday, they don't want me going that long without being seen and they are closed tomorow and the weekend.
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sticking to the blog

a reminder that most of my posts are now being put in my blog: instead of here. some are repeated, friends entries will stay here, but most of my writing and pictures will be at the blog from now on. =}

you can add it to your friend's list by adding "tinofcydniey", it will show up as a syndicated account and as such i can't add you back, but i will be appreciative of you following my ramblings.