August 24th, 2005

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self-induced butterfly kisses

my cheeks is so swollen that i can give myself butterfly kisses (an eyelash kiss for those who don't know, like doc) . . . i can feel my eyelashes when i blink. that's kind of neat. as long as i don't look in the mirror. i had doc take a picture, but i'm not posting it. let's just say my one eye, while not black, is swollen almost shut, and i'm embarrassed by how it looks. but the eyelash thing is really cool.
2013, cyd, new


i want tuna . . . or roast beef. there is nothing i can eat that fits either of these two requirements.

you'd think i'd be happy with super fudge pudding. maybe i can swallow tuna without chewing. hmmmm.
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lj oddity

has anyone else updated their friends list only to find chunks of the list deleted?

if i defriended you today, that was what it was, whatever it was.