August 22nd, 2005

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oh happy

my "fat bra" is officially too big!!! i'm down to c and a half cups, and back to a 38. oh happy day.

i can't look at myself and see a difference, i think i'll have the fat self image going for a while. doc is around me every day and frankly (so he says) didn't even know i'd gotten "fat" . . . it happened over a couple of years. so we're not seeing it, but i feel it in the way that things fit me and i can see parts of my body i couldn't before, like my feet when standing up straight and looking down. no more belly in my way.
2013, cyd, new


i had two root canals right next to each other. one wouldn't stop bleeding for a while, when it finally did the xrays looked good and everything. the novacaine has worn off now and the swelling is gone, Except for right above the teeth, between my cheek and nose it is really swollen and getting moreso and i'm starting to get a black eye.

should i be concerned or is this normal with the trauma of root canal?