August 19th, 2005

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yes!!! is mine!

i got it today.

there is a cafe press store of the same name with a couple of t-shirts from kam316 already up and ready to go.

now to build and implement a storefront. and get it made into a real company and stuff. but at least i can call it by name, or MNJ, which is what kam316 and i call it.

i'd like to thank my kitten, jack, who's dippy personality and agility made this possible,
2013, cyd, new


what was going on at these times in the past? find out for yourself (it's just as boring as what goes on now).

6 months

9 months (no entry on the 19th, this is the 18th)

1 year

2 years (no entry on the 19th, this is the 17th)

3 years

4 years

5 years
2013, cyd, new

last call

some of these are going to, some to

last call for you guys (i still have the stuff that is promised put away, it isn't a part of this=})
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thanks for looking, thanks more for buying

you know the drill, paypal only at
$10 extra for international shipping