August 16th, 2005

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new things

so through craftster this woman with an amazing website about polymer clay and i've learned how to make plastic decals out of translucent liquid sculpey and photocopies or ink jet printed stuff.

so i will be able to do all custom christmas/holiday orders for photo tiles and photo tile jewelry.

i may spend most of today on this new (to me) site, learning all manner of things.

during experimentation i've made all sorts of decals of mental hospital pictures i've collected to add dimension to a collage i'm doing. so happy.

and what do i do with all of the charms i've made that are now obsolete? add them to my "beaded curtain" from hell, that's what. ever since i decided against using forks, i've needed something else. the charms will be perfect and won't ever stab anyone.
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oh god, not cat pictures!

leeloo has recently started acting very much like chloe. once aloof and at times cold to humans, she has started announcing her arrival in the room with a meow and seeking attention.

just now she let henry groom her. and now they are sleeping head to head. she hasn't let henry groom her since about a year before we got jack. she's even been cozying up to chloe and reluctantly letting jack groom her.

this all has me freaking out worried when i should be enjoying the cute. her paw is still free from infection and seems to be getting better. she had a sore on her but, but it went away after a proper cleaning (do not ever doubt doc's love for his cats). the litter box is free of suspicious packages and everyone is well fed and there has even been less puking lately (they hate the cheap food - this is the last of it). so really there is nothing to worry about. i've been reading the stupid pet owner community, so i'm paranoid. to the point of beating myself up over boo's diet of seeds last night until i remembered he gets fresh food every other day and doc buiscuits and puppy food along with the seed.

but really, for a cat that cares for nothing, this is strange, except to henry, who is just glad for a friend.

here, enjoy the cute:

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(no subject)

my pencil sharpener is here!! i have colored pencils again! i have regular pencils again! which is fabulous because i hate using mechanical pencils unless i'm doing something really detailed, not just making marks for rulers to the nearest 1/4".

and i also now have lilac paper for books. i had to get it for a special order, so now i have it. since that slab of decorative paper i got the super deal on was pretty much lilac based, i'll have some nice retro-style covered journals. to go with the blue, pink, ecru, white, goldenrod, yellow and mint paper i already have from closing office building scavenging of my youth. i've been dragging this office paper around for years and it is so cool to finally have a use for it in the mass quantities that i have it in. (fucking run on sentences) the law of averages told me i would need the one color i didn't have. so that was really not a surprise.

such little things give me joy.
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your head snaps to the other side.

doc talked to a guy about a management position in a call center here in town. interview is tomorrow at 11 at his work, where he will be anyway.


gratuitous candle lighting and silent chant like prayer is: Now.
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the time has come

the time has come to leave lj in a massive posting sense. i will keep up and put stuff on here, but my primary blog site is moving over to or "tin of cydniey".

this journal won't die, but the main place will be there. you can subscribe to it via syndication feed. the feed address is

to learn more about syndication/RSS feeds on your journal, go here:

so if you have a paid or permanent account, you can get my blog on your friend's page, how cool is that?