August 15th, 2005

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not like anyone cares, but courtney love is officially not my hero. fuck that junkie broad. i still like the music. but she can go.

once i'm done hanging here . . . mary says stop waiting, but i'm waiting for reasons beyond my control. doc says i'll know if we're leaving or not by the middle of the week.

i say everyone stop talking and give me a minute to think.

i have to get to a notary, i have to get a new copy of my birth certificate from CA. i can't even prove i'm a person right now. once done . . . well, that will open up more doors. like a driving liscense. then i can get myself where i want and need to be.

if we're leaving, we'll have two to three weeks to pull it off. i'm not doing anything else but business and packing during that time. if we aren't leaving, then i'm going to start doing a whole lot more stuff. even before the weight is off.
2013, cyd, new

boardgames are cool

for those close to my age, remember when you were a kid and all your games were on a shelf of the family book shelf, or the shelf of your closet, everything similarly sized and neat looking?

then remember when trivial pursuit came along and frelled that all up?

yeah, our games got moved to the basement on top of the piano, forgotten.

well bookshelf games are all the rage again, so if you are just sick to death of using kitchen utensils and plastic soldiers to play your favorite board game that you found at a thrift store in '92 and made do with, now is the time to pick them up. most are still in the $10 range as well.

someone collected all the computer versions of the old games that general mills put out in their cereals a couple of years ago, stored them all in a nice case, and then threw the lot out. S brought them to me. i just played my first game of "life" since i was 13. yeah, and i won. i made all the choices i didn't make in life. heh. no just the college one. the winning and the rest was dumb luck. which was cool. i don't remember how much i ended up with but i was never in debt after the second roll payed off the school debt, and i didn't have a bunch of kids. i was a travel agent. heh. i had enough to get insurance and stock on the number "4", so i was happy.

tripper used to come over and play board games with me after i got out of the hospital last time. for hours on rainy days we would sit and giggle and play star wars versions of trivial pursuit and monopoly. that was the time i knew my sister best.

the time i thought i knew, and may well have, my brother best is when we did x together and went to the forum shops and ran around. right as it was kicking in we had a really intense conversation i can only remember parts of, but i remember feeling i was seeing the real him. and later experiences kind of leaned toward me being right. now i'm pretty sure that part of him is completely dead. but i got to know it.

like if tripper and i are physically apart for the rest of our lives, we will still have that time.

board games are cool. =}
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