August 14th, 2005

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so i'm told i should be packing.

so today doc loses his room. matress up against the wall so i have room to put packed boxes. right. okay then.

we found a place just like this one. low move in cost, pets allowed. different layout, same square footage. and they still have lawns in phoenix.

i'm so confused, just tell me what to do and wake me when it is over.
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1" mnj buttons . . . . instead of labels on cards, buttons on cards with logo and URL. i can find someone on the craft boards to do it, even provide the graphics bit, i'd get them printed at a printshop for a professional look, then have somone with a 1" button maker make them.

alternatively, print out own labels on sticker paper (can i get such a thing?) or label paper. but i want a 2" x 3" label . . . office depot to the rescue.

i have four printers in house right now and four of them have color printing cartridges in them. i'll have to hook up the two orphans and see what their deal is, i don't even know if they work, but if they do i'll be able to get them hooked up. maybe i should build frankenmachine today. since the cam software is all bolluxed on this machine, frank should be able to handle the cam, and that will put an extra one out on the porch. cool.

now if i could just find a router. maybe i have one here somewhere.
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i've been thinking about moving and all of the fun it will be.

i'll have a whole new room to set up, and i may have to combine my room and studio. i'm planning the living room . . . thinking about what goes together. i have a dresser, hopechest and three shelving units to paint. and the sideboard, i don't know. since i'm not really into antiques and paint is temporary, i may do that supergloss black with silver leafing.

the living room in the phoenix place is really long, so i can use said sideboard for the TV and stereo. then i can put kam316's big painting over that. and to paint and leaf the sideboard, wow, that would look great. i'm going to completely redo the bottom of the alphabet coffee table and put white lights in it. the base will be black, glossy. it has been 6 years since i redid that table.
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distant thunder

when there is a storm and the power goes out
i look at is as an unexpected gift from goddess
i go out in the storm
i watch the patterns of the wind
i watch the direction of the lightning
i count until the thunder
i watch the clouds move
and today i hear the most magical thing
i heard distant thunder
lightning so bright it seemed right here
but the thunder stayed far away
rumbling below the redirected departing flights
and below the multitude of sirens
it could have been on the horizon,
i hear that is where the distant thunder lives
but i couldn't see or judge
we are in a little valley,
nothing more than a small canyon when it was built up
and the lightning came from all directions
and the trees looked like they were on acid
and couldn't decide which way to spin when they danced
then claps of thunder that followed her strobe lights
and all the time rumbling below was the distant thunder.

i'll work on illiteration later
i just had to get that down
stellar storm
really just fabulous
and an hour of silence in which to bask in it
no photos
i was too . . . taken by it all
being in what seemed the center of it for an hour
while it railed on around us
fucking great
the only thing i would miss if a weather dome was ever
put over the major cities