August 9th, 2005

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oh, i guess we're having thunder storms tonight.
i have so many emails to answer
that's what i get for spending the day waiting on a cab
and in my studio
i get a lot done on the non-communication related matters
i'll fix that tomorrow when i get up
email during coffee is a familiar thing

you can just quit reading now, cuz i'm going to ramble on

fix chairs . . . got the batting from the couch cushions that found their way here, found the hardware

oy, i don't even have the energy to type this out. tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow
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todays hurdle?

changing my nipple jewelry.

i got sun sheilds because the barbells were cheaper by the pair when associated with janet jackson than by the solitary when not. go figure. i got two stainless bars with black ball ends. what i wanted. i can change the ball ends out (stop that gigling!) whenever, but i plan to be rather married to the bars. i'm hoping the one finally heals with bars instead of rings. i don't want to give them up, i'm on my way back to caring that i have them (breasts, not nipple rings, oh i guess the piercings, too).

i think it might help future relationships if second base isn't oozing wrongly.

no, i really don't know where this crap i spew comes from. and i can't seem to stop it. i so edit myself now, too. i'm losing crucial shit trying to behave in public. things are wonky.
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oh my gaddess, these blinkie things are horrible! i love them! thousands . . . bright shiny . . . and free!

this is the best internet toy since . . . lj

and if i ever find the patience, i've found a couple of tutorials on how to make them and a couple of brush sets that are supposed to help with the tedium. given the proper treatment, kam316 and i could have a lot of fun with this demonic medium.
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so what

yes, i just had a veggie sandwhich. no, i don't know what posessed me. although veggie heartburn is better than greasy food heartburn.

we're going swimming tonight. i'm looking forward to a few laps and then some meditation in the newly fixed spa pool.

now i have to find a way to get to my doctor to get my medication. so i'm trying to eat super healthy and exercise while i don't have it because i won't up the seroquel again. i'm only coming off it once. hopefully the health kick will offset my symptoms.