August 7th, 2005

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i understand the positive implications of the anniversarry of the bomb . . . but i think we celebrate the fact of it too much, and maybe don't think hard enough about the events that led up to it.

the important thing is 'what does it take to make an american president nuke people?' and 'how do we stop it ever happening again?'

we don't focus enough on the survivors, and in this culture of extreme survivors, i think the populations that survived the bombs qualify.

this has always been a sore spot with me. my first political poem was a letter to harry truman.

that is all.
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isn't it just cute?

papier mache fruit in a record bowl.
i love it
not my style
it goes in my ebay store, with fruit, tomorrow

i just had to share the cuteness. if my coffee table was plain, it would be on it, but the coffee table is painted many colors like stained glass on acid with letters in some sections and is lit from below, so only black things go on the coffee table, anything colored just makes people twitch.
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markw, i need your snail mail at

i have a CD ready to go out to you tomorrow

anyone else want a "happy mix" CD from me, email me your snail mail addy. mostly 80s, some 90s and today, songs you want to sing to. some stuff you may never have heard. =}
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my heart so boo

and yes, there is a grape in with him. he hates red grapes, it is for running on his wheel. i don't know why, but they make no noise so if he wants to run with red grapes, who am i to stop him.
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blah blah blah

i updated the graphics on my front page and my cam page a bit today. i wanted to change a couple of images, and changed all but six. took the pictures of me and switched them to pictures of my work now. i still don't know what i am going to do with it yet, i'm planning the new store - all my web design thoughts go to that, what i did today was just copying and pasting and resizing photos, nothing to it.

i fixed the shelves in the living room so they are no longer threatening to topple. most of what is in the living room is going out. then we can do something with the rug and set it back up. for reasons i won't go into, the upcoming pending thing isn't looking like it is going to happen, so i'm trying to talk doc into getting a small, foldable couch from target for $70. it is small enough for the living room, unusual looking, and really, i hate the goliath. these apartments are dorm sized, you need smaller furniture. we have the rocking chair and his chair, we just need a small love seat. he liked the futons they had (single sized, the top and bottom folded up to make arms, and there was a cushioned back and it comes with pillows), but they were in the $200 range, and i can get a nice vintage couch for that kind of money. i liked the small brown one.

blah blah blah
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baby you can drive my . . . ass to the craft store . . . buh buh buh

i worked on ansley's pill tin today. did the main structural stuff. tomorrow, the finishing touches and laquer. i need to get some more clay. i had fun working with it, but the granitex (rock looking) clay i'm working with right now (because i had to get it for a special order) isn't the greatest for mokume gane. the small pad i did looked good, i kept putting it in the fridge to make it easier to work with.

kam316, if i put some monkey pictures up will you think about a concept for the gallery/store? doc and i can't agree on monkeys and i am horrible with color schemes (remember the olive, khaki and orange web design? i still love that).

locals, who wants to trade a ride to and from michaels tomorrow for some black bean burritos? i'll even make the mix up tonight so the flavors have time to meld.

if i can go and spare doc having to go (he has to take the car to get fixed tomorrow and it has been out of comission sice thursday), i may be able to talk him into some clay, so i 'll even throw a mokume gane tin to the potential driver. they are the perfect size to put business cards in. S uses them like wallets.
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ansley, your pill tin is done!

i took a small lipgloss tin, for its small size and pocket friendliness . . . added some yankees inspired mokume gane, and lined the inside with handmade glazed paper to cut down on the rattle.

oh, and i put a small stone looking sun on the top.